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We are a well established family business with a very unique twist. Our entire reason for creating this store - jam packed with an ever growing and changing collection of treasures is to fundraise on a continual basis for The Craft-E-Kittens while providing a fantastic level of service to our hugely supportive customers.

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Looking for a discount or to discuss buying in bulk for parties or business etc? Pop us a message here

Browsing and Confused? Our site can be a little daunting on first glance. These tips should help though.
All items unless otherwise stated are Brand New - fresh off the production line,
direct from the 
wholesalers to ourselves and the savings passed on to you - the customer. 
Anything donated will have this image on the product page: thisisadonateditem
which simply means whether the item is brand new or used - it came to us from a supporter to help our sanctuary.
More and more of our own Handmade items are finally being put up for sale on here after.... to be honest - over a decade in some cases.
Everything should soon have our Logo on the product page such as: kbkmCauldron Kitchen Newktp 

supporttcekwe would love to hear from you if you think you could offer us donated goods etc.

Postage may be slightly delayed in reaching you due to the high demand upon courier services due to the ongoing Royal Mail strikes etc. If you would prefer to arrange to collect your orders from us we are happy to allocate unique booking slots for this. Please get in touch.
We urge you to look up our location on Google Maps to ensure you know your way here and appropriate travel times/distance.

Simply type your own location into Google Maps followed by "FurwebsMarket" as the destination.

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Didn't find anything that took your fancy? Please consider donating to our cause instead. It makes all the difference to our beautiful furbabies AND makes a lovely unique gift for animal lovers as you can write a lovely card telling your recipient that you have donated X amount on their behalf to our cause :-)