Foxy - The "Exotic Aunt" of the new family

Foxy was the last of the three that came to us as part of a household of surrendered cats in mid 2019

Absolutely nothing is known about her previous years other than she was living in some way with or related to Alby and Pearly.
We were told she was around 8 years old when we collected her from Coventry.

She has very unusual habits that are not that of a normal household cat breed. She has some Margerite in her but we have no "records" to prove this.

Of the three she was the most shy and hid away in fear hissing when anyone went near, So it was a great shock and heartwarming / melting moment when she began to climb up for hugs and go full "tummy roll" and paws up for tickles.

A sweet soul who still fears she is going to lose her family

Words can't describe how sensitive and afraid Foxy is of losing everything around her.

She will cling to you for comfort and rock herself to a sort of trance state against your neck purring up a storm. 

She lived with Alby and Pearl out in the cabin and then when Alby moved in with Benny she stayed with just Pearl.

Indoors the boys were together for a long while but then Alby got ill and we had to swap Foxy into Bens so Alby could have her solitary house for getting better. Turns out that the least likely pair would become inseparable just like the kittens have. Ben now washes Fox's head to soothe her nightmares and brings her his toys to cheer her up. They even share beds "But you didn't see anything, right!?"

Don't be fooled by her cute and sweet appearance. She has a DEFINITE and DISTINCTIVE roar/growl that doesn't fit her "cat" form and she isn't afraid to use it when she feels groggy or cornered (not AT anyone but in general to the room)

She loves listening to 70/80s music, Duran Duran and anything Foster and Allen.

Will add more soon.
(writing this section at 8.39am Friday March 3rd 2023!)