NEWS UPDATE: Things have not been going very well in the cat cabin this past month, Beany died March 1st, Pumpkin's at deaths door but holding it together BARELY (She is now 15), Eggy's having Asthma attacks and bouts of aggression sporadically... one thing after another making the babies require extended sessions (upwards of 3 hours a time just to cover feeding, cleaning up etc let alone spending time with them) several times a day - we may run the risk of having to post orders the next working day rather than same day. If any large delays are suddenly expected we will be in touch with you individually. We hope you understand and continue to support us in this tough time.
Offers of HELP are greatly appreciated but we unfortunately can't allow the public to enter the premises. If you'd like to support what we are doing alongside or instead of placing orders on here please consider becoming a patron. You can opt for any of the packages or make a custom donation... we REALLY appreciate anything you can offer.
We wouldn't be able to function without the support of our customers and patrons!
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Our postage price structure will soon be changing.
It has been a goal for some weeks now for me to make it possible for smaller "letter postable" items to not be subjected to the parcel post prices at checkout, and to make it easier for donations to be added at point of sale.
You may begin to see these changes between April 3rd - May 6th 2019. Yes, that is a month long period - but with the way things are in the cabin, we are barely indoors until the early A.M and can't fit all huge tasks in the small time windows we have available.
If you are placing multiple items into your order basket with the newly "included postage" options you may notice that your order adds up to the value of £10 or greater solely in add on postage. please feel free to use Coupon Code MULTIBUYER at checkout for a discount, or get in touch for a customised total.
Thank you It really does mean so much to have everyones support! xx

If you're new to shopping with FurwebsMarket, you may not yet be aware that here we sell a wide assortment of goods - from Arts & Crafts Supplies, to Toys & Games alongside Reading Materials  and a large selection of Handmade Gift Ideas plus much more.

Our primary aims are to offer excellent service and stock to our customers, and to fundraise through our sales to provide longterm care and comfort for The Craft-E-Kittens.

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