Willow - The youngest of the new family

Willow is our youngest furfamily member who came to us by sheer luck and chance mid August last year (2019). 
We have many times written about the tragic and world shatteringly heartbreaking events of last year for us ... so I won't go into that (intentionally) but for us Willow was the last missing piece of our family puzzle.
One that would turn everything upside down and stretch our limits but one that nonetheless we wouldn't change for anything
(even if she does hide often at food time!)
In mid August we were very sensitive and bruised from our pains with our beautiful family passing and put one last hope into offering a home to a lovely local grey kitten who was sickly and not weaning very well... later to find after many days of not being replied to by the owner - that they had sold it days beforehand (I honestly hate to think what happened to the poor baby).
Anyhow I came to this sort of resolution that that was it, enough looking now.. we "make do" (bad terminology really) with the babies we'd been lucky to bring together in June before Eggy passed too... and by chance I saw a post for a sad little female kitten quite some car journey away (about 40 miles) who was the runt of her litter, was "having issues with the kids in the house" and very aggressive. . . 
Supposedly at 9 weeks old when we went to collect her, lets just say.... she was 6 weeks if that and very much not used to being handled, fed or even looked at!
It took us many weeks to bring her up to full health (full of fleas and worms upon arrival) and too tiny to even bite teeny tiny kitten-sized kibble, we managed to find a way through it all (literally the last thing we'd honestly felt we would be able to cope with after everything ... - weaning a To Young To Leave It's Mum -  Kitten.......)
COMING SOON: See below some of the first images of the little bundle of bitey - needle toed cuteness.

Moving in with Luna

The intention was to have both small female kittens (Willow AND Luna) living together in what used to be Eggy's house. However Bitey Wil had other plans and kept popping her bigger sister (by 4 months) on her head, charging at her with claws out and numerous other non-friendly things.

This was obviously not ideal and fearful for the very sensitive soul Luna, we huddled her away into Benny's house instead.... which went well for a day or two but she was too much "bounce" and not enough "sleep" for our also very sensitive baby boy. 

In the end I had "talkings" with Willow and told her she wasn't the biggest and toughest, she wasn't alone and we not be keeping Eggy's house to herself when it was rightfully Luna's first out of the two of them. From that night onwards she stopped hissing, growling, reacting with death-swipe-mittens and they were inseparable and still are to this day. (writing this section at 7.33am Friday March 3rd 2023!)