Returned Goods
As the customer - you have up to and including 60 days (from the point of successful order notification) to request a cancellation. Any and all goods must be returned to our location by the 60th day in order to receive a refund unless instructed by us NOT to return the goods (Excessive damage, leakage etc). In some cases where multiple items were ordered but only a partial return / refund is required we will request extra information. To speed up the returns process we require items to be sent back to us with a unique transaction note, so please get in touch before returning any parcels.. Return postage costs MUST be met by the buyer and upon receipt of the returned products we will issue your allocated refund. {amount highlighted on your Order Invoice enclosed in your dispatched parcel unless otherwise discussed}

  • We CANNOT offer refunds on items that have been opened, altered, used, played with or were not purchased from us!
  • We also do not offer full refunds on items which have been custom made, especially orders where confirmation has been received from the buyer prior to dispatch in which they have "okayed" the condition and status of the products in question.
  • Items which have been collected from us are pre-packaged ready for your collection time slot, as such we treat these as regular "online orders" and you're covered under our regular online orders policies.
  • Fifty Percent of all proceeds from orders are donated to The Craft-E-Kittens, as you can read in your unique order invoice. As such we appreciate those among you who opt for us to refund only the undonated section but fully understand that many of our customers are not interested in helping our cause.

Refund Policy
Please contact us in the event of a problem with your order. We will do our best to help you.
However, once an order has been dispatched we can no longer offer a full refund due to having already paid for courier / postal services..
OUR POLICY for monetary refunds is as follows:
Order total, less original postage and admin fees = your refund)
To make this clear, for example: Your order total is £10.00, minus £4.00 of combined fees (Paypal, eBay, Etsy, Postage etc) leaving your refund of £6.00.



  • Occasionally we list an item with a postage price which we believe to be accurate only later to find that we have been charged less than this when dispatching your orders - in this case we attach a Discount Coupon Code to your order invoice to allow you reductions on future website orders.
  • In some cases where an item has a slight issue upon arrival but is still fit for purpose or the customer has simply agreed to keep the item after contacting us we will issue you a unique Discount Coupon Code for future purchases.

Other items may be added to this (or edits made to this) list over time so PLEASE continue to check back for updates.