Please bear with us while we are attempting to rebuild the shop from scratch.

We have experienced a large loss to our stock and a battering to our businesses as a result of attending an event on Saturday 27th August that was met with horrendous weather and a large electrical storm. As many of your are aware if you follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts - we are wildly working our way through damaged stock and having a long hard think about the future ahead for us.

Items will begin appearing on the store again over the next week but many will show signs of having gotten wet, being dried / washed etc and will each contain a detailed description stating the current conditions so as to not cause further upset and stress where you may mistakingly believe an item is brand new / unaffected when ordering and we then have to struggle through repeat explainations etc.

As always - Donations are MUCH appreciated and you can do so by visiting for more information.


Remember - We are fundraising for The Craft-E-Kittens : Special Cats with Special Needs.

Even if you haven't found an item worth purchasing today - you can still help us out by getting in touch to discuss ways of helping spread the word about our work. Alternatively you can send donations to help with our fundraising - Big or small, literally ANYTHING helps (even pence donations or a quick mention in a social media post!)

Lovely seeing you!

Please come back soon.

Kitty & The Furwebs Team