Pearly - The "Granny" of the new family

Pearl was one of the three that came to us as part of a household of surrendered cats in mid 2019

Absolutely nothing is known about her previous years other than she was living in some way with or related to Alby and Foxy.
We were told she was around 10 years old when we collected her from Coventry.

It has since become apparent that he has for many years had various health issues pertaining to her digestion. She often has bouts of incontinence and has to regularly be cleaned (her house area) or helped with cleaning herself when her temper permits.

When we were out in the cat cabin she had an extremely aggressive temperament but since coming indoors back in Feb 2022 due to the wind storms making the cabin no longer viable - she has completely changed. Don't get me wrong - she still has MASSIVE grump moods when she wants to but she rarely bites, lashes out or growls unless she feels very unwell.

Our poorly lovable penguin has an extremely sensitive stomach, an almost insatiable appetite (except of worryin days where she feels too sick to even sniff food, which thankfully is very rare) and also has a very pronounced waddle /issue with her hind legs and wrists. She also suffers from toe-horns but she actually doesn't seem to find these a trouble at all?

Unexpectedly became a complete lovebug indoors

For one that seemed so agressive and scared out in the cabin, she soon found her feet indoors.

When she first arrived she was very much "mother hen" to the other two she came with. Many times we'd catch her womping one of them for going to play without asking her permission etc. She wasn't a fan of the strange fluffy thing on the stool (Eggy) and sadly never got to know her. 

She insists on sitting out in the room with John while he reads Military books or Ocean Liner Archive stories to her :-)

She loves listening to Christmas music (jingly bell sort of songs especially) and 60s/70/80s or anything Foster and Allen.

Will add more soon.
(writing this section at 8.39am Friday March 3rd 2023!)