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Anything listed in this category of our website is past its recommended Exp date however in a world where we are all trying to reduce the amount of wastage we've decided to keep these up for sale unless the products cause a potential hazard. In terms of the items usage they should be fine for a long while past the dates shown on them as for example - how long do you keep your lipbalm once you've unpackaged it, that tin of paint you used just once? etc etc! 
Some items of foods (Dry foods, Dog Treats, Cat Treats etc) are likely to remain usable for up to and over a year after their Exp date but with all things Due Diligence (own judgement) is the best practice here.

These are HEAVILY reduced prices and often even below the cost price (what we had to pay to get them in for retailing!)

Buying these helps the environment as well as us and the cats! PLUS it saves you money!

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