Introductions: Chewie

Current Elder. Find out all about me below!

Hello there, My name is Chewie!

I moved here in 2008 when my daddy moved in with mummy!
When we first arrived here, I was a little unsure of the two existing residents (Beary and Socky) but as i was a bouncy hyper baby they gave me room to adjust.

Over the years, I've seen three members of my adopted family cross over the Rainbow Bridge, each time throwing me into despair and anxiety. Each time, no matter how hard it was for mummy and daddy to carry on, they have done their best to keep me and my Cabin Siblings fighting fit and well cared for.
I am now the Elder in our group, as far as mummy can tell (I was at least 2 years old when I arrived but my daddy can't remember exactly when I was handed over to him - although that in itself is a long story).

My "Guestimage" [mummy's word for Guessing My Age] is between 10 and 11 years old. Mummy says I often don't look a day over "Yearling", but I have seen her stare sadly at my white "wings" that appear across my sides and know that I am beginning to show my age.

"I may be small and fluffy, look cute and squishy, have the face of a baby - but I'm a powerful needletoed ninja who knows how to fight back and stand up for my fellow Cabin Siblings!"

Chewie, Veteran Fundraising Assistant. The Craft-E-Kittens

My Favourite things:

Beefy Grills | Salmon Oil | Cooked Chicken | Webbox Sticks | Crispies

We love getting parcels from mummys friends!

There are always such purrrrfect gifts inside!
In the photograph you can see me showing off (proudly puffing up my fluffy tufts) my absolutely wonderful Cupcakes & Muffins patterned collar.
I picked it myself from the parcel! But I only wear it in special occassions

At the end of a busy day

it's lovely to sit down with the heater on and ponder what our next day may bring. Heaty [our little yellow warming and cooling magic box] is a lovely companion on a breezy night, but it is also a life saver in the gloomiest and coldest, or brightest and hottest days of the year.