FurwebsMarket - A 15 year journey of Purrs & Tears, Heartaches & Joy

We and Eggy are so happy to see you!
Thank you for taking the time to come and find our website, whether you are new here, are a returning customer or you have come to read about the cats over in the Cat Cabin section.

Earlier this year our world turned a little... crazy and upside down as we suddenly said goodbye to our beloved little boy Beany. Incredibly a month later he was joined by our senior beauty Pumpkin as her pain of losing her best friend took its toll on her already frail body. Unbelievably two months later we again lost everything that was holding our crumbling fur-family together - Chewie our 15 year old (and original member of the cause way back in 2008 when the cabin was built). She had been desperate for new fur-family to join us but our searches led to nothing but heartache and needless confrontation as others failed to understand our unique sanctuary set up.
As the weeks passed and no new additions could be found for her to "Mother" and show the ropes - she withdrew from most interactions and her age caught up with her all at once.
You can read more about our struggles here: Enter The Cat Cabin or visit the cause Facebook page here

Forging ahead - got to keep moving!

Despite feeling completely lost, utterly disbelieving of the troubles of the past four month and also feeling like we just want to hide away in a protective bubble with Eggy....
We know we really have a lot of work to do and many things to catch up with.  :-> the picture to the side of this is only about an eighth of the boxes to go through!
Checking through the workshop stock piles (or stacks as I call them) always takes days, or weeks if emptied, counted, sorted and done properly. It's something we usually do properly once or twice a year unless we need to double check fast selling stock but for now even if we can get back to at least knowing which stacks column which box type (garden, kitchen, art supplies etc) is in... we'll be ahead with processing orders and dispatching them around our hours in the Cat Cabin!
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Tidying up the stacks

We hate to ask, but.... consider becoming a patron?

Everyone who's followed us for years knows that we hate to ask for hand outs and help (other than orders!) in our daily journey through loving the work we do with the cats (.... ooh, that's going to be tough to stop saying now).... and keeping afloat with bills and expenses - not only the cause but living expenses etc too... If you could spare even a single Pound, or by some miracle - could spare more... to help us do the things we love, care for Eggy and any new furbabies along the way - and to once again do our craft and woodworking to sell.... Click the image to the left or here