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FurwebsMarket is a family business with a caring and compassionate nature - not just to our customers who receive the highest customer support and care we can offer - but also to the wildlife and environment - and a legacy of animal care spanning back over 15 years.

We make it a point to re-use or recycle - this includes cardboard from our incoming delivery boxes to solidly package and carefully wrap all outgoing orders that require rigidity in transit. This not only helps the products reach you in great condition but it cuts down on the amount of plastics we use. Although we do still use bubble wrap and other equipment or stationery - we use much less single use material. 
Much of our packaging is recycleable, re-usable or biodegradable which helps to put a stopper on totals of wildlife put at risk by throw-away materials that could ensnare or confuse animals (hungry hedgehogs could mistake a shiny piece of tape for a slug for example, or birds could be trapped in discarded gluey residue covered packets).


Co-Carer of T.C.E.K
Owner of JGPaws

Karen (Kitty)

Founder / Co-Carer of T.C.E.K
Owner of FurwebsMarket & CauldronKitchen


NahNah to T.C.E.K
Co-Owner of KittyMumma & Des


Driver for fundraising events.
Co-Owner of KittyMumma & Des

Sanctuary News

Last year we had to say heartbreakingly sad Goodbye's to all four of our beautiful soulmates and furbabies through the earlier part of last year (2019).  We find ourselves continuing to  struggle through the pain of missing Chewie, Pum, Beany & Eggy terribly each and every day. Although we have of course Pearl, Alby, Fox, Ben, Wil & Lu now...  It is a bitter-sweet position we find ourselves in as we still can't quite bring ourselves to feeling that these are our furry babies in the same way that the previous companions have been?!...
In many ways, even almost a year into having the "newbie generation" it just feels very much like they are someone else's cats we are caring for temporarily. We've never experienced this feeling before past initial hiccups of a few days adjusting new fur-family to live with existing ones etc... But we can only assume that this feeling and stretched struggle is because of the way in which we lost the others, found ourselves in this situation and how these 6 beauties found their way to us... That and each of our furbabies (previously) were with us for generations, each time with at least one member still with us from the previous group as newbies joined us. They saw us through struggles and triumphs... heartache, sadness, joy and laughter. Pearl, Alby, Fox, Ben, Wil & Lu are of course OUR family, our precious snugglemonkeys - but they very much feel Different to how the cats all have before. Lack of... connection.. for want of a better term. They mingle, play, enjoy being together... but it doesn't feel like  a family. More like a playgroup.