Events through the years - 2008 to 2019 - A lifetime of fundraising at events for our beautiful furbabies

Across many hard drives, many SD cards, multiple cameras and phones as well as facebook pages / backups and more there are Hundreds (!) of photos, preparation files and more than have all been to aid our fundraising for the cats.. It will take me a long time to get all of these up on the website ( it's one of the reasons that it's still not yet been done since 12 years ago onwards lol)

Some examples below are from the past years events (2019 summer fete and Christmas)

Most Common things.....

Every year (up until 2020 obviously) we had a nearly constant set of places we would attend no matter what - along with new or occassional venues dotted between.... 
For example these animal or community events
Old, Didcot Rd, Wallingford OX10 0SW
Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary is a registered charity that cares for abused and ill-treated donkeys and other animals. Although we do not actively rescue other animals, those that have joined us in recent years include a sheep, some goats, chickens, geese, ducks and a pot bellied pig called Percy.

Our local village fete which supports hundreds of local businesses, causes and more - held literally just down the road from us. (aside from 2020 for obvious reasons)

Save the Children Fund which goes to help disadvantaged children in this country and abroad.

Handmade crafts became more focussed

Dad even began to make wooden gifts from reclaimed materials, He wanted to sell on our stalls/sites to help the fundraising for the cats... You can see some of them here>>>>>