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The following post shows pretty much the same as what our current situation is - we get so caught up in the busy day to day work and living with the cats that we often don't notice for months that something as simple as "popping up a news page" has slipped by where we were certain we'd done it already :-)

"Updating the website"

Posted on 7:06pm Sunday 31st Jan 2016


Well, it's been quite some time since this website has had an actual "full on" update with diaries, photographs, videos etc of the cats.

I am shocked that it is now 2016 and I have only just realised that we do not even have actual pages listed yet for Beany and Eggy. 
These and many other things will be coming to the website in a matter of hours, days etc.

Bear in mind that the updates are happening in my "free time" in and around other works and caring for the cats (to be honest, right now this is being written on my work computer, whilst also editing an online "flip book" of the cats (something I made when we had our Blunsdon store, and sent a copy to my mother in law but never made it public) - Whilst using my middle pc to list, edit and upload images for hundreds of books on the New To You Books section of Retro Castle!
I undoubtedly will not get very much added in just one night as I have to make up numerous batches of Soy Wax Candles & Melts tonight after the bedtime feed session which is in less than 20 mins so for now to summarise as follows :

Images, Videos, Daily Diaries (spanning back to Pre 2009 when the cabin was just being built!) and facts about the cats (past and present) will be added over the course of the next few nights / days etc.

**Please note as you can see, this was all the way back in 2016 and we're still in the process of trying to catch up with ourselves and gather all of the Diary entries, photos, videos and tons more together... follow our social media? you'll get updates quicker :D

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