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Rainbow Bridge

The Craft-E-Kittens of Rainbow Bridge

Our furbabies : Gone but never forgotten

rainbow bridge ancients

Sox came to us in March 2004 as the family were moving and could only take two of their four cats with them.
We were told "both young boys" were in great health for 4yr olds, where as the two girls they were keeping were older and Special Needs. Ironically almost all of this information turned out to be inaccurate. Our vets estimated they were closer to 7/8yrs - Tigger was a girl and both too were Special Needs.(Find out more here
He passed to Rainbow Bridge 14th December 2012 aged aprx 16yrs.
Spending his remaining years with us brought him great comfort, through countless battles and threats of being PTS (from vets, not us!) he always bounded back to be by my side. In his final moments he was calm, content and relaxed in his home surrounded by his loved ones and companions.


Beary came to us in June 2006 as a stray who had been found lurking around a garden in Swindon and was reluctant to leave, much to the disapproval of the resident kitten (ironically named Tigger!).
Luckily CPL were not interested in taking her on (otherwise she would have been PTS due to age, illness and care requirements. However they were liasing with those that found her and were reluctant for us to home her due to already having a cat (Sox) but agreed on a trial basis - we never heard from them again! (find out more here)
She passed to Rainbow Bridge 10th November 2011 aged aprx 12yrs
Bou spent a good chunk of her life with us, and despite what the situation may have looked like from the outside looking in, she lived a happy, contented peaceful life well into her senior years. She passed, surrounded by loved ones in a family room at the vets. The hardest decision of my life was agreeing to allow the vets to PhTS. 


Tigger and Sox came together and were originally from the same litter. Tigger turned out to be a girl. They came to their previous family from RSPCA but when the family attempted to get them taken back into their care, they were told that due to their age they would most likely be PTS. (Find out more here)

Tigger passed to Rainbow Bridge 28th February 2006 aged aprx 10yrs
It's difficult to give an accurate account of how she passed as she was never a very settled baby and loved to go roaming for days / weeks at a time although you could often hear her / spot her in the garden. One day after she had began to settle down and come in nights, she just didnt come in and I "had that feeling" so frantically searched for her only to find her the next morning curled up in a planter in the greenhouse. The night she didnt come home had been a very bitter blizzard-like storm. I have always had the notion that she couldnt gather energy enough to maker her way up the last part of the gardens and sought comfort in a warm familar place only to be taken in the night. My heart aches each time i recall that she was within arms reach. 

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