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Thank you <3 for taking the time to visit our little corner of the internet...
We're FurwebsMarket - A family owned & run business Fundraising for our very own cause The Craft-E-Kittens: Special cats with long-term behavioural, dietary & ancillary needs.
50% of proceeds from sales we receive are used to fund around the clock care & supplies, while the remainder 50% is used to cover expenses & restock!
Our ranges are vast and varied - below is a short example list but our stock changes often. 
Toys|Games|Books|Electronics|Visual & Audio Goods|Soft Toys|Clothes|Retro Collectibles|Ornaments|Household|Home-wares|Miscellany
Get in touch to discuss and arrange postage details on multiple item orders

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    Site Updates, News & F.A.Q's

    Like many sellers still adjusting to the ever-changing and adventitious Lockdowns and rules - we're trying to make things a little different here.
    We are aiming at having the old store ( only offer the donated, clearance and "hit/miss" items at Budget Prices with Direct PayPal payment (!!) so we can keep funds flowing through to our account quicker... which will subsequently help us PAY for courier postage on the other store orders that are now being affected by the delayed "eBay Managed Payments" processing. However, the normal store ( will host the handmade goods,  branded and bought in "direct from wholesaler" products and will unfortunately receive funds only through eBay Managed Payments.

    Absolutely NOT, in fact the more customers we can get to repeatedly shop on our own website (and spread the word!) the better for our cause!
    We stand a better chance of moving away from our reliance on external stores entirely in the future, or at least only remaining there if we CHOOSE to for added footfall IF we can build our customer base back up again. Shopping right here with us on is entirely secure, 100% self catered and you have a direct link to us at any time of the day. You can ask us questions, make enquiries about custom orders, receive and utilise discount coupons and benefit from MUCH more.

    It's the new system that brings more ways for customers to pay. It's only ON eBay so it won't affect you at ALL on our website!
    For a customer who purchase on eBay though, it enables you to be able to pay for your order with more methods (Managed payments supports Credit cards, Debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit).
    For sellers however, it means we unfortunately no longer have the option to be paid directly into our Paypal accounts and instead must wait for payments to be processed through eBay then deposited to our account at a later date. In this - we find our main hurdle as we now have to fund all courier & post office payments PRIOR to receiving the funds from the sales.

    YES, we actually would benefit greatly from placing your orders on our website instead of eBay.
    Over on eBay we have to pay Listing Fees, Final Value Fees, Ad Fees, Processing Fees and all of that is BEFORE Postage Costs.
    Meanwhile over here on our own website we have only the Paypal Fees and Postage Fees to cover meaning we receive MUCH more from each order no matter the size.
    Of course, we understand entirely if you feel you would prefer to place your order on eBay instead as some people think this is more secure as they are more familiar with the system there... Either way we appreciate your support and orders!

    Primarily we accept PayPal, known worldwide for its high security encryption and data protection.
    We will of course consider other payments such as Cash upon collection, occasionally Bank Transfer (special circumstances upon request) or Cheque (extremely rarely and with a longer turnaround time).
    With regards to the security of our checkout - rest assured that we use a fully integrated system including SSL (Think of it as having a secure padlock between yourself and us)

    Des In The Shed: Reclaimed Wood Gifts